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I'm Katrina and this is my little place on the web to share my clients stories, images and a little about me. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and browse away! 

I had such a great time photographing Gabe’s Senior Portraits! He is my good friend’s son and I was so honored that she asked me to photograph him for his senior portraits! They are from MD and were stopping in through Atlanta! We had such a great time hanging around Downtown Dallas, it was actually raining but we hung in there!

I’m such a sucker for music! I loved capturing the details of him playing his guitar! He was really good! He reminded me of my brother in law who not only plays very well but sings just like 3 Doors Down.

August 7, 2012

Gabe’s Senior Portaits

I was so excited when I heard Jeremy and Melanie got engaged! I met them at church where they worked in the children’s classroom of my kids the past few years! I got to know them a little bit here and there and though they were so cute together! After they were engaged I was so excited when she told me she wanted to meet for coffee and talk about her wedding! They are getting married next May just before we leave Georgia, how bittersweet! So we begun to discuss all the details, and engagement portraits was one of them. Where to do the photos was a big question, they wanted it to reflect them as a couple, they love being outside and Georgia has a lot of beautiful scenery to take in.

July 24, 2012

Jeremy + Melanie | Engaged

I’ve always loved beach weddings! I grew up in San Diego, California and forever thought I’d have a beach wedding. For some weird reason, when I planned my own wedding, I don’t know if it was due to timing, or convienece but I did not plan my dream beach wedding like I truly wanted. I […]

October 7, 2011

My beach wedding finally happened! Vow renewal of 10 years!

Wow! I am in COMPLETE shock that I’ve not blogged in almost 5 months! How horrible of me! I’m so sorry to anyone who ever use to check my blog. I am going to get better at blogging within a month after the wedding/event, I promise! Life has definitely not stopped for me though! Let’s see if I can rewind and catch everyone up on Katrina Wheeler Photography and me, of course 🙂

October 5, 2011

Where have I been? Wedding Photography catchup!

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to be part of a awesome bridal workshop hosted by the Douglasville Downtown Conference Center. They have such beautiful facilities for any event, but for weddings in particular, they have two beautiful ballrooms with plenty of room to house a large and small wedding reception and ceremony.  […]

May 14, 2011

Douglasville Bridal Workshop – Wedding Photographer in Hiram | Wedding Photographer in Douglasville

I have been thrilled to photograph Rachael and her fiance Erik for months now! I first met her mother last year sometime and she interviewed me for her daughter, since Rachael and Erik live out of state. I met her beautiful mom Rosemary and we had a great time just chatting about all things weddings, […]

May 7, 2011

Erik + Rachael = Engaged | Acworth Engagement Photographer

So, since I stopped blogging every day, I’ve felt so guilty! I feel like I already let myself down, but really I haven’t.. I didn’t really decide ahead of time how long I’d do the project, I didn’t really commit to 30 days or a year or whatever.. Though I think it would be really […]

January 26, 2011

Through my child’s eyes

I have to be completely honest, i’m starting to really get tired and a little burnt out, and I don’t like that feeling. I guess its not the picture taking but just the pressure to blog about it every day. I think what I will start doing as of tomorrow, is start posting weekly. I’ll […]

January 20, 2011

Through my child’s eyes | day 13

Tonight I feel like I really lagged in everything. I am just kind of mopey! Do you ever just sit around and not really feel motivated to do anything? I need to kick that to the curb, I have SO much I should be doing! So needless to say, tonight I barely got one image […]

January 19, 2011

Through my child’s eyes | Day 12

This weekend has been incredible! I’m SO grateful that I took this past weekend off and just spent time with my husband first and my family as a whole, second. It was difficult to not sit on facebook or check email constantly, I am pretty connected and plugged in.. There was only ONCE that my […]

January 18, 2011

Through my child’s eyes | Day 8 through 11


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