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Bridal Wars – Tulsa Oklahoma 2018

Bridal Wars came to Tulsa Oklahoma!!! I can’t believe it! You know sometimes you hope and dream for something and you never know it will actually happen, thats how I felt about Bridal Wars coming to Tulsa! I found them and followed them on social media to start, they just seemed like they were doing something different and unique for Brides, and I am trying to keep an eye on that. The brides all look like they are having such a fun time so I was curious if they have ever came to Tulsa! They hadn’t, so I reached out to one of the owners of Bridal Wars (Stacy) and begged her (maybe not begged, but asked!!) to come to Tulsa, Oklahoma for this super fun Bridal Competition, event!

Bridal Wars Tulsa OK

So the process began to find a beautiful and large venue to host this with me, and Sarah Coffin from Dream Point Ranch so kindly offered her new gorgeous Wedding venue for us!

Dream Point Ranch

So we gathered some of the best and brightest of Tulsa’s wedding vendors and invited them to be part of this fun day! Tulsa Paint and Sip came and had a beautiful display and they had a really great time over there with their activity! We also had Laura from Ms. Laura’s Cakes showing off some of the beautiful cakes at her table!

We had an AMAZING DJ from Lionsroad they kept the dance floor bumping and we all had so much fun!! I honestly couldn’t stop moving and dancing myself, and singing, oh the 80’s songs he put out, and 90’s my gosh it was a great mix of old school and modern songs!!

We also had Whitney, Veronica and Clare from Erica Weddings  on site to help with all Wedding Planning and coordinating needs for the brides, and they had one heck of a time doing the hula hoop with that huge blowup ring, just sayin, it was cute and funny! (See Erica Weddings on Instagram to see if that is still there, it may be gone and was only available for their story that day, it was cute! )

I was also so privileged to meet the owner from Mom & Me Events! They offer so many wedding needs, from Coordinating to floral to design and decor! Definitely check them out for more information! I just loved her little notepads!

Ludgers Catering was responsible for the famous popcorn bar, ladies, seriously, it was bomb! (Do people say that anymore? 🙂 Just kidding, it was so good. A little salty with some M&M’s cause, what else would I put with it? Bacon… No… I totally…didn’t…did, yes I put bacon on it too, cause bacon is good on everything right? Even with M&M’s? Mhmmm… it was pretty good.

Another SUPER sweet businesswoman is this one right here, Katie from Katie’s Custom Decor, she is SO talented!! Ladies, anything you can think of, her work is stunning! And her friend here is a florist and she is amazing too! Look at that Welcome sign, can’t you all see that at your wedding! I love it!

Lastly, but certainly not least is the team from Orange Theory Fitness! Dude.. these people amaze me. I am blown away, I don’t think I’ve seen someone row like they row, and the burpee’s…. there was hundreds of them, they are awesome, check them out for an awesome coach and get fit before your big day! 

Each of the vendors hosted a competition and mine was to have the brides and their teams compete for best mugshot, so take a look at some of the fun mugshots!

I just have to say, you girls were SO creative with your costumes too!!

But.. These ladies right here below, They won the contest, they were super coordinated, straight and i just loved their model face!

But so many were SO GOOD!!

Take a look at some of the other competitions the girls did and see how much fun they had!

After it was over, we just took more pictures outside because, it was gorgeous outside!! 🙂 These girls 🙂 I am in love with Friends, and they had Friends shirts, it almost made me choose them, but I was reminded, I didn’t do the outfit competition, it was so hard to not think about their costumes!!!


So my winner from the mugshot contest won framed photos of her with each of her ladies and so we set those shots up outside, here below!  She also won a FREE Engagement session! I can’t wait to set that all up!

There we SO many good poses ladies, you all Rocked it hard! I decided to do a honorary second and third place!  So… These ladies below, THEY won 2nd place!!! I swear, if I had to decide based on outfits, they would have won 1st place, which they did end up getting best costume I believe!!! But these expressions, i just loved it.


My third place winner!!! I loved the die hard serious faces of these ladies, like seriously they could have really been doing these in front of a real lineup, minus my logo! Great job ladies!

Thank you so much to ALL the brides and all your teams!! You all amazed me!! I’m going to make a video with these photos and ALL those videos I took, that may take me a bit, but stay tuned and keep an eye on the blog and most likely my facebook page for that to come.

Many thanks again to Stacy at Bridal Wars for bringing such a fun new hip thing to Tulsa for all the Brides to be able to come out, compete, all in good safe fun!

We hope that we can be involved in Bridal Wars in the future!!!





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