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A little boy’s first day of kindergarten

This day has been coming for five years, of course, but I really just couldn’t imagine it really happening. He’s my first born and my little baby still in my heart. So many times I still hold him and rock him and just caress his soft babylike skin. Daddy doesn’t like me babying him, but he will ALWAYS be my baby! 🙂 Well he started kindergarten yesterday and it was a whirlwind experience for me. It started out by us walking to the bus stop down the street. Here’s some photos of my two baby’s while we waited for the bus to come. You see my daughter there, she absolutly adores her brother and just was sad for him to go. They’re the best of friends. I just can’t believe he’s grown up this fast! Its been hard to let go, when I took him to class, I stood there as he colored and started drawing, and realized the parents were filing out of the room, and told myself, why am I still here, this is real school I can’t just sit here and watch, I have to leave… It was really hard, no one told me to go, but I knew it was time.. I told my daughter, lets go honey, brother has to get to work, so I kissed him good bye and she ran over to hug him too. Time flies, Treasure your memories and moments with your family, and if you can, capture them so you’ll always remember them. If I didn’t take these photos, it really, would have been a blur. I’d love to capture those precious moments in time for you, just reach out and I’m here!



  1. Evie Perez

    August 14th, 2010 at 4:21 am

    These are great pictures!!! Your little man is growing up so fast 🙂


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