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My beach wedding finally happened! Vow renewal of 10 years!

I’ve always loved beach weddings! I grew up in San Diego, California and forever thought I’d have a beach wedding. For some weird reason, when I planned my own wedding, I don’t know if it was due to timing, or convienece but I did not plan my dream beach wedding like I truly wanted. I had a beautiful wedding, by some beautiful mountains, but it was not the beach! So after I became a wedding photographer, and lived in San diego and photographed many weddings on the beach, engagement sessions on the beach…see some past beach clients below…

I began to wish and dream I was able to redo my wedding! My sweet husband heard me time and again say how much I wish I had the ability to do a vow renewal on the beach so we could have beautiful beach portraits in wedding attire! Well, he did it! We went to California this past summer and he planned a surprise intimate vow renewal! He had it all planned out, my dress picked out (I was pregnant newly, so this was tough for him), my photographer (My good friend Katie Keller of Katie Keller Photography in Laguna Beach), my flowers, my hair, nails, my family all there, our beach cottage reserved, location picked out, his outfit, kids outfits, all done! Bon fire even planned! Loved the whole thing! I can’t say I didn’t know anything at all and it was a complete surprise cause we had discussed it months before and I was trying to plan it and was abruptly stopped and i knew if I did anymore planning i’d ruin whatever he was planning, so I stopped and prayed he was planning it! He surprised me the morning of the event with a card to go get my hair done from a local shop in San Clemente called Salon Incognito. The girl I saw actually opened the shop on a Sunday for me, and worked on her day off, for me, Craig my husband planned all of this! Her name is Brooke. She was incredible! After my hair appointment…. My sister gave me a card that said we were going to go to a florist. I knew what was happening at this point cause when I walked in, they asked me if I was the bride, I said “I guess?!”, lol!

Here’s some of my favorite moments of the day!

This is me and my momma, I have NO idea what we were laughing at and I HATE my face, but its a great picture, i had to keep it 🙂 I love my mom!

Love how my husband officiated the ceremony, He said he thought of having someone do it, but why when he wanted to pledge his love to me himself and it should be done by him.

Oh my gosh I finally got a new ring!! I decided well, we decided to keep my ring, and put this diamond in it, Picture of that to come, but its beautiful, now dipped in white gold!

I ABSOLUTELY adore and LOVE this heart shaped ring that my brother in law and step dad created for me and Craig to stand it. It was so so me! 🙂

My family and friends who were there!! 🙂 Love you all!

My best friend, Love you Jenifer!

My handsome son!

love the romantic casual portrait’s that Katie Keller took of us, She’s AWWmazing! 🙂

Wow, i just can’t describe how hot this image it, I love us! 🙂

He wants me! 🙂

Yeah, I was 3 months pregnant! But I think I looked pretty cute 😉

mmmm…. He’s so handsome I love my man!

I LOVE this picture, my goofy sexy, hunk of a marine husband, He’s so cute!

Yeah, they’re freaking adorable, i know 🙂

So, WHO likes pictures of them eating? Well, normally I would NOT put this picture up, but lets be real, WHAT BRIDE ISNT HUNGRY after a wedding, or photo shoot? I WAS STARVING and pregnant so I had to show this was part of the day and yes I SCARFED down some dominos, it was delis too!

Gorgeous sunset..

Oh how I miss the beaches in california.. Love this one so much!

Probably my favorite, I LOVE this so much!!!

Some of my friends who were there:

My lovely BFF Jenifer, I miss you SO much!! XOXO

Aww.. This is the lady who captured the day, my sweet talented friend Katie Keller!

And this is Diana, my other sweet friend 🙂 Miss you too!!

Aww.. My christine! I miss you SO much, thank you for coming, i love you! 🙂

So here’s the slideshow, to see the rest.

Thank you forever and ever to Katie for taking these BEAUTIFUL amazing gorgeous, dream come true, pictures! I love you! I love all of you who helped and was there, and who just is reading this now, god love you 🙂 Thank you to my husband for making my dream for a beach wedding come true! I love you so much, I’m blessed to be your wife! XOXO, Katrina



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