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My new House of Flynn camera bag!!! | Wedding Wednesday

So, you all know the feeling right? You wait for the UPS guy, you track it on your phone, your always checking your email trying to see “Where is that package” cause you have to meet the guy at the door and anxiously run out to the truck up the hill of your driveway and yell in exclamation when you get the beautiful box, right? You all do that too right? Not just me?! Lol!!! Well that’s good, glad we’re clear on that!!!

HOF Evermore Bag

The search for the perfect bag is always daunting! I mean, I look and read and ask and try on bags, but honestly the only way I’ve found is the best is to try them on and let’s be real, here in Tulsa Oklahoma we don’t exactly have the best options for walk-in and try on all the bags you want stores! There is a store, Bedford Camera which they try, and they are a great store! There are really alot more bags there then so many camera stores I’ve seen in the past and throughout the US that I’ve lived in… But, they cater to guys… honestly they do… How come that is? I’m not trying to be ultra feminist at all, I am just asking for a little more female options for bags, and some more stylish ones!

The best time I ever had to find a bag was about 10 years ago when I first attended WPPI (See blog post here, and all the images above are us!! Dang we were young and cute Kelly!! 10 years later and more kiddos… 🙂 We need a WPPI REUNION!!!!) but it was such a great experience! (I ended up with a shootsac…Which has been great all these years, but, it’s just not big enough for all my gear!  What I loved was, I was able to go from vendor to vendor, try the bags on, try it even w/ my own gear and really make a wise informed decision… So, since I couldn’t make it to WPPI this year or the last 9 years… I’ve had to succumb to searching the photog reviews on youtube and reading all the reviews I could through various facebook groups I belong in! To me it boiled down to either Kelly Moore Bag or a House of Flynn bag. I’ve had many Kelly Moore bags before and I do like her bags alot.. I’ve always outgrown them though so thats where the problem lies.  I was trying to find a bag that could fit #allthegear !!!! I mean, I do have a bit… I try to have backups for everything, extras of this and that… Well I think I found my match y’all!! I trusted some sweet ladies on the House of Flynn Mermaid Tribe facebook group! I watched this great video by Randa Derkson on the Bewitchin’ Kitchen See video.. It compared a Kelly Moore bag and a Evermore bag which is the big shoulder bag that HOF carries. They actually have a mini version of this bag but I don’t need a mini, thats for sure! 🙂

So I just needed a little push… I tried to find some locally in fb marketplace used, I tried on ebay, everywhere even on the Buy/Sell groups through HOF but, they are selling so close to retail I couldn’t justify paying that when I can just get new for almost the same cost!! So she had a sale for 15% off I think, and I caved!! I bought a House of Flynn Evermore, in Jade Jewel! {Insert heart eyed emoji here cause I’m in LOVE!!}

So when I got it, my daughter knew, she saw momma run to the road practically grab it out of the ladies hands and run back to the house to find a knife!!! We had to do a unboxing video even though it was a little lame,haha but its ok, we’re not videographers, i can use that excuse right?! 🙂

See video  The video cannot be found… be lucky! 🙂

After that My friend Kelly Labruyere from Kelly L Photography asked me how much could fit in the bag, I told her i’d make her a quick video showing her all I could stuff get in there! So if you can forgive the spontaneous nature of this iphone video, and if your on the fence for a bag, that can fit the following, check them out!

I also stashed some transmitters/receivers in there with cards, batteries, etc.. Crazy huh!! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could fit, and I didn’t stress the bag out, the zipper closed easily. The backpack straps will really help distribute that weight as well!   I will do an update after this wedding I have coming up in a week and let you guys know how it did!







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